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Green Plumbing


Going green? Ehret Co. can help you on your mission to help the environment with high-efficiency, low impact systems that require less energy to operate, release less pollution. Systems that will self pay in a few years helping the environment as well as your budget.

With natural resources depleting we have to learn how to depend entirely on them to power our systems. With the climate changes the earth is suffering. We have to make some changes on the source of energy used on our daily. Ehret Co. can help by designing and installing eco-friendly Plumbing, HVAC and radiant heating systems. HVAC systems, 96% efficient that produce a minimum C02 emissions. Radiant systems that have boilers 97% efficient, variable speed motor, stainless steel burners that will not burn any carbon monoxide. Solar panels that combined with the high efficient boiler. What Ehret Co. provides to our customers will help the environment tremendously. Since boilers will be reduced 50%, and 25% on cloudy days. Cost of operation on these eco-friendly systems is exponentially minor (less) in compare to other systems. By installing eco-friendly systems you will not only help the environment but you can also check government refunds, state and federal. 


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